A/V Requirements - JMan Seminars

A/V Requirements


Speaker will use his own computer for all of his presentations. He has a windows based computer and it needs to be near him onstage or nearby. JMan’s presentations are packed with video and big files that perform their best with certain programs that are download on his PC. This allows him to be sure that his presentation can be delivered without any kind of technical difficulties.


Jman can not stay in the same spot for a long period and talks a lot with his hands. The wireless Lavalier Mic is the only way to be sure that you can hear him 1000% and he isn’t confined to a small area of the room that would be much less enagaging.

Audio Video Line

VGA with separate audio patch or HDMI is fine.

Power Strip & Ext. Cord

Power Strip: To assure an extra outlet “just in case.” Extension Cord: Needed for projector and power strip.


JMan does not travel with a LCD projector and we definitely need one. Important:The projector must have a minimum on 3000 Lumens in order to be bright enough for the audience.

Audio Video Cart or Table

AV Cart: Stable, moveable base for projector

Sound Requirements

Wireless (TIE CLIP/LAV) microphone (See above for picture)

Mini-jack cable (image above) into the room sound system so that audio can play.

Room Seating Configuration

Theater style for large rooms. If we know the count ahead of time then let’s please remove any extra chairs. When it comes to seating, the closer the better. They can feel the energy better if they are close together and will have much better experience if there are no open seats.

Stage Area

Please be sure that any lectern or podium that is used for announcements or introductions is set back as least 4 feet back on stage right or left. NOT Center. We are not the kind of speaker who stands behind it and need to walk in front of it.