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We would love the opportunity to one of very different and outside the box Keynotes. We have created these from our very own life and business experiences. Did you know that we were on a TV show call Spartan-Ultimate Team Challenge? We didn’t win and it very nearly crushed our soul but that night we took an L but today we bounce back. Our keynotes can be hilarious or emotion evoking. We may be tough but we understand that everyone needs a good cry every once in a while.

Get Over Yourself

How to overcome the biggest obstacle keeping you from being successful. YOU!

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Feed The Wolf

The most important conversation you can have is the one you have with yourself. There are two wolves inside all of us. Feed the wolf of courage and overcome any situation

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Six Second Legacy

How the opportunity of a lifetime brought me down the path to a soul crushing defeat of only six seconds in front of millions on National TV.

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Greatest Show On Earth

The greatest things in life change for us as we change our perspective. Focus on the why and discover how the greatest show on earth is right here, right now.

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