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Instructor Development Workshops/Train The Trainers

We really want to make a difference and change the world for the better. We became an instructor for that very reason and now we have the opportunity to help our fellow instructors, speakers and trainers become even better at what they do. Our heart want’s to burst into confetti because this makes us that happy. There’s not much we love more than helping our colleagues become better, so they have a greater impact being able to help so many more students/audience members. The exponential impact on making real estate better is immeasurable.

Imprezi Your Audience-Think outside the Power Point Box

This course is an in-depth hands-on workshop about how to create a PREZI for any presentation and how it can facilitate a better learning experience for your students. We will also discuss other Power Point alternatives.

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T3-Tech Tools For Trainers

Instructors will learn how to seamlessly implement technology into the classroom. Instructors will leave with the ability to enhance student engagement using technology, inject humor using video and avoid EPIC technology fails by having a tech emergency tool kit and back up plans already in place.

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Move Their Feet & Fill The Seats

You will learn a systematic approach to helping education directors market your course effectively. We will discuss the different methods to promote courses and identify the best ways to get registrations early and often so that you will never have a class cancelled again. We will list all the different programs, apps and templates that can be used in order to enhance efficiency and help with building your brand as an educator. BOOM, Fill the room.

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JMan’s Video Bootcamp

Do you want to use video but don’t know where to get started? Started but stalled? Think you know it all? We want you all here. We will start from press record button all the way till you click to post. You will learn how to edit videos, add voice overs and post everywhere. Download videos from YouTube as well create a YouTube channel and a Facebook Page to showcase your video library. Also learn how to get video testimonials, produce better videos and promote your courses more effectively to fill the seats. Stop being a still photo and join the video revolution today.

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SMM-Sniper Style Social Media Marketing

Are you still using email to reach your members? There is a better way to reach them where they spend most of their time. You can stop using the shotgun approach and create a sniper style social media advertising strategy. You will create ads in this session that you can use for the future and also how you can target a custom audience so that you get a better return on your investment.

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HYRE (Host your own real estate show)

Have you wanted to create your own education based real estate show but didn’t know where to start? We will show you the equipment that you need, programs necessary and what technology pitfalls to avoid with proper planning prior to it happening. You will be able to do interviews, talk show type shows with on screen agenda’s and presentations. There is no better way to demonstrate your value and expertise than LIVE video.

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Millennials, the Me Generation, are the largest population in the United States today and are going to represent the biggest demographic for our industry in the future. They are changing the way things are done in all industries including real estate. You will discover the best ways to communicate with them effectively and get them into the classroom. Find out what motivates them in their career and how you must change your value proposition accordingly to get them into the classroom. Here about Millennials from a Millennial himself.

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Impress With Improv

We put on a performance every time we walk on stage or into a classroom! Why not train the way the pro’s do? This session will be a hands-on approach to the art of improvisation. We always must have immediate impromptu responses and that skill must be trained and developed. You will leave this session being able to think faster, fail easier and have the confidence that you can overcome any situation that comes your way with a little bit of humor.

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P4-Premier Post Production Pro

You are finally doing video and now you are wondering how to edit, trim, merge and create amazing videos. We will discuss all the best programs, apps and websites that you can use to create some video magic while avoiding and copyright infringement or having to pay royalties.

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LIVE Video Success Systems

Show everyone that you are an expert and go LIVE. We will teach you what to say, how to say it and where it can be said. Other educators are scared to go LIVE and that’s exactly why you should position yourself for success. It’s much more than Facebook as we will discuss Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube. There will be LIVE demonstrations and tutorials as you discover how to make your way to the top of everyone’s news feed always be top of mind when it comes to real estate education.

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