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These are programs written by us for us! There was a time when someone came to us and said, “Hey, why don’t you have a class for ?” And then I did. Most of these classes are approved for the continuing education credit in the state of New York. If we can make it there, we can typically make it anywhere (Frank Sinatra singing voice). The timing can be adjusted to meet your needs and we have all the handouts, marketing materials and time course outlines available under downloads or after each course description (password protected).

JMan’s Video Bootcamp- 2018 #1 most requested program

180 Minutes CE approved- Hands on video workshop that really helps agents step out of their comfort zones and implement video in the real estate business. All aspects of video will be discussed starting with what equipment and programs they need, how to take the best videos possible, what kinds of videos, editing and where to publish. We will also be discussing the basics of a YouTube Channel and how to optimize your SEO with each video. We will finish off with a LIVE video demonstration and students will better understand the how of LIVE video but also the WHY and how to get to the top of the news feed on all social media.

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JMan’s Video Bootcamp 2.0- 6 hour CE Approved

This is a more in-depth version of 3-hour class with a deeper dive on all the topics discussed above and with lots more work shop style activities.

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Social Media Mastery-2018 #2 Most requested program

180 Minutes-CE approved. This program covers the basics of Facebook as well as all other current, most relevant social media platforms. Facebook personal, business pages, Linked In, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest set up will be discussed as well best practices for each platform in order to provide better service, develop better relationships and brand yourself as the real estate expert for a certain area. Students will learn how each audience requires a different message and as such they need to create specific social media strategy for each platform.

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A.I.M (Agents In Motion) 4 Success

3 Hours (C.E. approved in some states). You will become a mobile road warrior by breaking the chains to the office and becoming an agent in motion. A.) We will discuss the different options on how to go paperless and how to get electronic signatures. B.) How to incorporate video into your business, communicate better with clients and give them the ability to view properties remotely. C.) Mobile presentations using iPad or other mobile devices. D.) App-it-up. An in- depth discussion about what apps are the best for Real estate agents to better serve their clients. #2 RANKED PROGRAM AT TRIPLE PLAY IN ATLANTIC CITY, NEW JERSEY.

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Be The Bomb- 60-90 minutes

BOMBBOMB is the bomb and this is a video course that is totally devoted to just the BombBomb video platform. We demonstrate how to incorporate video into your real estate business and communicate more effectively with clients and consumers. Students will identify the best ways to implement a systematic approach to video client relationship management and provide equal and ethic service to all.

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MilleniWHO? 180 minutes CE or Three 60-minute classes

Class on Millennials that is taught by a Millennial. Who better to teach it, right? Participants will learn everything they wanted to know about those Millennials or Y generation and then some. We will discuss what Millennial Buyers and Sellers are looking for in an agent to how to exceed their expectations plus how to work better with your fellow real estate agents. NAR’s generational trends report will be discussed in great deal to help students redefine their value proposition and better understand what matters to these clients most.

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LIVE Video Success Systems-120 Minutes CE

Gain the edge on your competition and find out how you can position yourself as an expert in real estate by going LIVE. We will teach you what to say, how to say it and where it can be said. Everyone else is scared to go LIVE and that’s exactly why you should position yourself for success. It’s much more then Facebook as we will discuss Instagram, Snapchat,Twitter and YouTube. There will be LIVE demonstrations and tutorials as you discover how to make your way to the top of everyone’s news feed and always be top of mind when it comes to real estate.

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What App – 90 minutes CE

There will be an in-depth discussion about the Top 5 Real estate apps and how to use them today in your business. These apps are constantly updated, and this class is never the same two times in a row because it is being taught by someone who is still active in the field and provides better service through the mastery of today’s technology. Apps will be downloaded and demonstrated along with a brief overview of the top 25 apps that didn’t make the top 5.

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Tech Tools For Real Estate-60-120 minutes-CE Approved

What tools are in your tech toolbox? Are you ready to exceed the expectations of today’s tech savvy consumer? Real estate professionals will leave with the tech tools necessary to do provide exceptional service, communicate more effectively and do their business while on the go. We will also discuss the ways to create a systematic approach to every transaction and provide equal and ethical service to all.

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H-Me-TV- Be The Star Of Your own YouTube Channel- 60-120 minutes

We live in a YouTube World where 48 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute and more than 3 Billion videos are viewed every day. It is more important than ever for you to have a prominent understanding on this forever growing platform. Consumers are Googling everything that they have questions about and video is appearing at the top of that search. You will learn what kind of content to create, how to properly title your video, write relevant descriptions and metatag the video to optimize your SEO and be FOUND as a real estate expert.

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HYRE-(Host Your Own Real Estate Show)- 60 Minutes

Would you like the blueprint on how to create your very own, super engaging real estate show? We will discuss how to create, market and publish great real estate content and keep your audience engaged and following you. You will be seen as the expert in the area by interviewing others and it won’t matter when Facebook changes their algorithm because your fans will be following you and will want to know the next time that you are going LIVE. If content is KING then you will be the ruler of the land.

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Social Media Ethics – 3 Hours CE and COE Requirements

Social media is here to stay and REALTORS need to learn the best way’s to use social media in real estate to represent our clients best interests and not violate the code of ethics. We discuss all the important Standards Of Practice that apply to marketing on social media and how we can raise the bar or professionalism TOGETHER.

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